Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean Video Rocks

Justin Bieber hasn’t released a song in three years. THREE WHOLE YEARS. Now, Bieber haters might love that fact, but Beliebers like myself? Not so much. So, the minute I heard that his new video was out, I dropped everything to listen to it and can I just say: it’s really freaking good!!!

Trust me.: even if you hate Bieber, you might actually like this one. First of all, you’ll hardly see Justin in it. Second of all, the lyrics are 100% relatable. And thirdly? Skrillex produced it, thus the awesome beats.

Check out the new video here:

According to Billboard.com, Justin Bieber is set to release a new album this November 13, 2015. I. Cannot. Wait.

What do you think of this new song? 🙂 Do you love it or hate it?