Jurassic World Movie Review: Bigger. Louder. More Teeth.

When in Manila, in partnership with PMCM events management and Resorts World, had a blast at the block screening of Jurassic World at Newport Cinema 1, which was graced by popular faces such as Karen Bordador, and Myrtle Sarrosa as well as movie buffs among the sponsors and in the blogging community.


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The 2-hour and 13-minute film garnered a pretty impressive 72% Rotten Tomatoes grade as of the time of this writing. This time, the world of dinosaurs was taken to a whole new level when a lethal and genetically modified hybrid that they called the Indominus Rex was added as part of the theme’s new attractions. I will not say anything beyond that, as promised in my title, and I shall stick to general observations.




I took the liberty of time to read through some of the reviews before entering the film theater. Some critics said that the film provided too many spoilers in its official trailer. I actually braced myself for this, but afterwatching the film, I realized that this was really not the case. There are still nail-biting moments, unique twists at the end, and underlying themes to be seen which were not present in previous Jurassic installments.

As a fan of the franchise, I am happy to find say that the Jurassic juju is not lost yet. Isla Nublar just got bigger and better.

 Jurassic World Movie Review


What I found the most interesting about the film was the contemporary, imaginative, and probabilistic take on “what if we bred dinosaurs for our bidding?” Those who are in for the teeth and action will not be disappointed because the pacing is quite fast, and, to borrow from Claire’s nephew Zach’s words, O’Grady (played by Chris Pratt), is pretty “bad ass” in the action scenes. Want to see more dinosaur action? I think they have that down pat. I was literally on the edge of my lazy boy seat during the film.


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If anything, the one thing I’d like to see them improve on in the next Jurassic film (if there will be one) is the development of characters.  Apart from O’Grady’s uber strong alpha male persona, Claire’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) character is supposedly one of the smartest characters in the film, but the plot was not able to sustain this and there were some inconsistencies. She was portrayed more as a cute and sexy assistant disguising as a take-charge female of a theme park with that magnitude, which I think did not give her enough justice.



Ultimately ,I’d give it 4 stars for the entertainment out of 5, though I sorely miss the unique oomph factor of watching the very first Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park film in the early 1990s. Hammond had his time there and it rendered an avant-garde and unique appeal. Nostalgic bias or not, I think that Colin Trevorrow did a good job for a sequel. Despite not totally living up to the x-factor of the first shocker of Spielberg’s debut film for this franchise, Jurassic World provides a whole new flavor of fun with more teeth for its viewers and is definitely worth the trip to the theaters.

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