Julia Barretto’s Vlog with Dad Dennis Padilla Now Missing

In a vlog by Julia Barretto in May, the young actress had a heart-to-heart talk with Dennis Padilla.

Dennis Padilla Asks Julia Barretto to Give Him Another Chance

After the Father-Daughter vlog, Dennis had appeared in an interview with Ogie Diaz where he shared about what happened to his relationship with her daughter.

Netizens were quick to notice that her vlog with dad Dennis Padilla is now missing from her channel. Some netizens said it could just be hidden and not deleted entirely.

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Their issue had started in 2014 when Julia wanted to drop the last name Baldivia from her name and just use Barretto as her last name which resulted to Dennis’ disappointment. “That was a dagger, it’s not the pangalan. That’s my blood. Barretto na nga lang ang dala mo sa screen name mo tapos tatanggalin mo pa ‘yung Baldivia?”, Dennis shared.

dennis padilla asks julia barret

Though Julia didn’t push through with changing her last name, it seems like Dennis Padilla is still pained from the issue. Julia uses her ‘Baldvia’ last name in all her legal dealings and uses ‘Julia Barretto’ as her screen name.

In that now missing vlog, Julia also shared how she never gave up on her relationship with her dad. “I didn’t ever give up in our relationship. If I had given up, we wouldn’t be talking right now. I kept trying and that was painful for me. I was fighting so hard for our relationship despite all the words thrown at me by my own dad,” Julia shared.