Dennis Padilla Asks Julia Barretto to Give Him Another Chance

Following the controversial YouTube video of Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson, Julia now added a video with her dad Dennis Padilla.

Dennis Padilla appeared in Julia’s YouTube video entitled “Questions I’ve never asked my dad”.

Uploaded last May 1, 2021, Julia had a video sit-down with her dad to ask questions about her dad’s career, their family and their father-daughter relationship.

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They started off with a light conversation about the start of Dennis’ career. He shared his memorable projects and his most memorable co-actors.

Dennis got teary eyed sharing his COVID-19 journey and his realisations about his family. He shared how he knew his faults and doesn’t blame Julia’s mother Marjorie on their break-up.

They discussed the issue about Julia wanting to remove her dad’s last name. “That was a dagger, it’s not the pangalan. That’s my blood. Barretto na nga lang ang dala mo sa screen name mo tapos tatanggalin mo pa ‘yung Baldivia?”, Dennis shared.

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Julia shared why their family is not responding to him. “I think everyone is coming from a painful place”, replied Julia.

“You question why you feel like nobody’s responding, not knowing how much pain and hurt you’ve caused us before trying to talk to us. That’s why you couldn’t hear from us. We were already too pained, too scared of you,” Julia added.

Julia also shared how she never gave up on her relationship with her dad. “I didn’t ever give up in our relationship. If I had given up, we wouldn’t be talking right now. I kept trying and that was painful for me. I was fighting so hard for our relationship despite all the words thrown at me by my own dad,” Julia shared.

At the end of their conversation, Dennis shared how the prayers had helped him through his COVID-19 journey. He knew that the most powerful prayers he received are from his children.

“Sana mabigyan ako ng chance na makabawi sayo, hindi lang naman sa iyo ako may atraso, sa marami din. Hindi ko alam kung makakabawi pa ako, pero kung saan ako aabutin,” Dennis shared.