Joe’s Kitchen: Party Planners Who Will Do the Cooking for You!


I absolutely love planning get-togethers with family and friends. I have so much fun getting completely hands-on figuring out even the smallest details, from theme, to venue, to decor.

My weakest spot, though, would have to be the menu. My cooking skills are next to nonexistent, and between all the planning involved and my crazy work schedule, I hardly have any time to get busy in the kitchen.


Trying Out Party Trays

I’ve been hearing all the buzz about party tray services for family gatherings and corporate events lately. Much like a mini catering service, party trays are ideal for small gatherings of around 10-15 people. It sounded like a far more convenient alternative to preparing dishes yourself or having to hire a caterer, which is bound to break your budget. With these services, however, it’s likely to be a hit-or-miss situation. You’ll never know if a service turns out great or not unless you try it yourself.


Joe’s Kitchen Party Tray Delivery

A few weeks ago I was planning a get-together for my sister’s birthday when my dad recommended Joe’s Kitchen, a party tray service his team at work used to avail for corporate events. I checked out their Instagram (@joeskitchendelivery) and I liked what I saw! Their menu covered everything from finger foods, to rice, mains, veggies, pastas, and even desserts. I noticed that they even prepare packed meals for large groups. And the best part was, their food looked absolutely delicious! I’m all for great presentation and photogenic food, so that was enough reason for me to try our Joe’s Kitchen.

The Menu

I contacted Ms. Joe (yes, turns out Joe is a girl :p) who happened to be really nice and easy to work with, and here are the dishes we ordered as per her recommendation:


Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet with Herb Dipping Sauce (small tray-P700, large tray-P1,300) This was easily my favorite because the fish was cooked so well! Tender, tasty and not the slightest bit dry or overcooked. The herb dipping sauce that came with it added a nice touch as well.


Cajun Rice (small tray-P350, large tray-P550) The perfect pair to Joe’s Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet! Rice was tasty and not undercooked (had to point that out because I’ve had an odd experience with undercooked and bland fried rice from another catering service last year.) Couldn’t stop helping myself to this and the fish; had about 3 plates of this.


Joe’s Baby Back Ribs (small tray-P1,000, large tray-P1,700) These ribs were a nice balance of smoky and tangy, with the meat fall-off-the-bone tender. It was a big hit with the guests!


Joe’s Hearty Lasagna (small tray-P800, large tray-P1,300) Cheesy, meaty and super flavorful – it’s easy to see this dish is one of Ms. Joe’s specialties. This was a great rendition of a staple party dish.

Here’s a complete list of the menu:

Joes Kitchen Menu 2015

What I especially love about Joe’s kitchen is that their dishes are all quite affordable. You can have a complete menu of pasta, rice, pork and fish dishes for less than P5,000 – and that’s good for 15-20 guests already! Their small trays serve 8-10 guests, while their large trays serve 15-20. Servings were actually more than enough for our little party, there was a lot of food to go around and everyone was left with happy tummies.

joes-kitchen-party-tray-catering-delivery-10Giving you another look at these nommy beauties!

Our party was a huge success, thanks to Joe’s awesome party trays! Definitely going to order from Ms. Joe for my next party.

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