LOOK: Jo Koy stars in New Philippine Social Series ‘Kain Tayo’

Love Jo Koy? Well, aside from his comedic performances on stage, you can now watch him in a new social series by Netflix Philippines called ‘Kain Tayo’.

In each episode of ‘Kain Tayo’, Jo Koy invites a friend over to share his favorite Filipino dishes as they watch the latest titles on Netflix together.

Aside from his funny commentary and love for local food, Jo gets personal and shares how his Filipino upbringing and experiences helped shape the way he relates to Netflix stories. The first episode was recently released, starring Jo and Liane Valenzuela, Jo’s friend and half-Filipina influencer. In it, they watch ‘Sex Education’ Season 2 while they talk about the pains of growing up and “the talk” over a bowl of sinigang.

jo koy new show netflix kain tayo

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