Ji Chang-wook Learned Magic Tricks for Three Months for “The Sound of Magic”

If you’ve finished watching The Sound of Magic, you’ll know that there is a lot to digest and think about – so much so that I kind of need a little break from overthinking. :p One of the lighter and more fun parts of the show is the magic… and I loved watching Ji Chang-wook do his tricks while Choi Sung-eun and Hwang In-youp watched with delight (pretty much mirroring my own reaction while watching lol). Well, during a recent press con with the cast, we learned that he worked really hard for it!

Annarasumanara The Sound of Magic Ji Chang wook

Photo from Netflix

Chang-wook actually learned and practiced magic tricks for three whole months in order to portray the magician Ri-eul. “It was a new challenge that felt like a present for me. I enjoyed being a part of the project,” he raves, demonstrating how deeply he cares about the series. However, he also admits that it was very difficult as “there’s no shortcut to doing magic.” He shares that he watched a lot of the videos by illusionist Lee Eungyeol and learned that he had to be much more expressive when doing magic. “He’s like an artist,” he points out. “He’s not just a magician. He is an illusionist and an artist. So I felt a lot of pressure and it was very, very challenging.”

Annarasumanara The Sound of Magic Ji Chang wook Netflix 2

Photo from Netflix

Despite the challenges, Chang-wook knew that it was a chance of a lifetime to be able to act, sing, dance, and on top of that, do magic. “There was a lot of preparation involved, but I felt like it was such a rewarding experience and because it was so challenging and difficult, there was so much time spent together as a team, with everyone’s heads put together to create something. And now that it’s actually going to be out there, showcased to the world, I feel very strange,” he says.

As for why you should watch The Sound of Magic, Chang-wook says, “Sometimes, we lose track of our childhood innocence, our childhood wonders. And there are dreams that we had as a child. I think the show will let you think about those past dreams that you had as a child, and the wonders you had as a child. It’s like a fairytale for people, it’s a heartwarming story, so I hope everyone can really enjoy The Sound of Magic.”

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