Why is Japanese Fashion So Popular?

Whether you’ve seen it on TV or in movies, or have experienced marveling at Japanese fashion in Japan in person, there is no denying it: Japanese people know how to dress. What’s interesting, as well, is that Japanese fashion constantly changes, and this might differ depending on location or even on seasonal trends.

What are Some of the Most Popular Japanese Fashion Styles?

Traditionally, the Japanese are known to wear kimonos and yukatas. In the 90s, the ganguro fashion trend made it big where women took to wearing tanned skin makeup and brightly colored hair. In Tokyo, Japanese streetwear generally involves all sorts of creativity and trends. The Harajuku style, on the other hand, involves a mixture of all sorts of Japanese sub-styles, including gothic lolita, sweet lolita, cosplay, gyaru, punk rock, and cutesy fairy kei.

Either way, though, it is clear that fashion is very important to Japanese people. Without fear of judgment, Japanese people are able to express themselves and really showcase their individuality in a way that we are somehow unable to do here in the Philippines. It really isn’t any wonder why so many Filipinos are fascinated with Japanese fashion!

If you want to channel some Japanese vibes, if even just on TikTok, here are some shops we found on Shopee where you can shop for Japanese-inspired apparel and accessories:

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Oversized Shirts

Japanese Fashion Oversized Shirts

Oversized silhouettes are big in Japanese fashion. Take your pick from different prints or choose one with your favorite anime characters to go the extra mile. Choose from a myriad of designs here!

Oversized Ramen Shirts

Japanese Fashion Oversized Ramen Shirt

Double trouble! If you love Japanese fashion and you love ramen, this shirt gives you the best of both worlds. Buy one now for only Php219!

Oversized Laced Shirts

Japanese Fashion Oversized Laced Shirts

If you’re looking for something oversized but with an extra oomph, these long-sleeved shirts have laces on them to add more personality to your look. Order it today!

Fox Hoodie

Japanese Fashion Fox Hoodie

Miss cosplaying? Love Naruto? This fox hoodie is ultra-cute and incredibly cozy. Order yours today!

Oversized Hooded Shirts

Japanese Fashion Oversized Hooded Shirts

Here’s another oversized find that screams Japanese style! Available in black and army green, buy one now while it’s on sale for only Php379!

Plaid Jackets

Japanese Fashion Plaid Jackets

Cool jackets are staples in Japan due to the weather, but who says you can’t get into layering here in the Philippines? Just make sure you’re indoors with the airconditioning turned on. :p Buy one now while it’s on sale at 40% off!

Kimono Style Wraps

Japanese Fashion Kimono Coat

This kimono style wrap will give you Japanese feels any day! Get yours now for only 200 pesos!

Thick Slippers

Japanese Fashion Slippers

Looking for footwear with a Japanese feel? These thick-soled slippers are inspired by Japanese fashion and are non-slip and oh-so-comfortable to boot! Available in different colors and sizes, buy a pair now while it’s on sale for less than 200 pesos!

Ruffle Socks

Japanese Fashion Ruffle Socks

Feel like a Japanese schoolgirl with these cute ruffle socks – available in different colors depending on your needs and preferences. Stock up on different colors now while they’re on sale for only 59 pesos a pair!

Sakura Umbrella

Japanese Fashion Sakura Umbrella

Many Filipinos visit Japan to get a glimpse of sakura. Rain or shine, you can now bring sakura everywhere with you through this gorgeous umbrella. Order this pretty umbrella now for only Php350!

Cardcaptor Sakura Bag

Japanese Fashion Card Captor Sakura Bag

Are you a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura? Showcase your love for the anime with this bag, which is big enough to fit all of your essentials. Order yours now!

Reusable Tote Bag

Japanese Fashion Tote Bag

Need a reusable tote bag for groceries, errands, or everyday use? Get a Japanese-inspired one now while it’s on sale for only Php150!

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Check out more great fashion finds on Shopee here!

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