These Locally-Made Holiday Brews Are Perfect for Your Christmas Parties

The highlight of any holiday season is the release of holiday-themed products that guarantee to put you in a festive mood no matter what time of the day it is.

Tons of brands are already embracing the yuletide spirit and spreading the cheer to Pinoys everywhere with seasonal offerings, and local beer brand Jade’s Temple is doing its part by launching a unique menu of Christmas brews!

jades temple holiday beers

Jade’s Temple, which is already known for creating special beers for the adventurous folk with flavors like Toasted Mallow, Mango, and Salted Caramel, just introduced three more to celebrate the year-end: Pumpkin Spice Beer, Peppermint Mocha Beer, and Apple Cinnamon Beer!

You might be scratching your head at these beers, wondering how exactly they even taste. But really, don’t knock it ‘til you try it! They’re light enough to the point of getting you just a little tipsy and in a mirthful mood, and the flavors are not overwhelming at all. As you can expect with the sweet-sounding brews, they’re on the sweeter side which is perfect for those who aren’t fond of the taste of beer.

When we asked Jade’s Temple owner Dea about why they create such extraordinary flavored beers, she answered simply, “Businesses nowadays tend to innovate traditional cuisines and I aim to do so in our country’s beers. I wanted to expand the palate of our ever-curious consumers, to push the boundaries of uniquely flavored booze.”

You can get Jade’s Temple’s Holiday Bundle, which includes these three new Christmas beers and the already-existing Cookie Dough Beer, for only PHP 960 for a limited time only.

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