Jaden Smith Says He’s Releasing A K-Pop Single In Four Months

Uh… whatever floats your boat, Jaden.

Jaden Smith

In a recent post on Twitter, Will Smith’s 18-year-old son shared a rather interesting piece of information.

Apparently, the actor-model is “dropping a K-pop single in the next four months.

” And he says that with zero irony.

It sounds like Jaden is dead serious! It’s not the first time he’s hinted at it — in a December tweet, he said the following:

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how this would work — does Jaden even know how to speak Korean? Plus, considering the rigorous training that K-Pop stars-in-training undergo for years to make sure they’re performance-ready, I’m a little uncertain about the material that would come out in just four months.

But I guess his friends over at YG Entertainment could help him out — apparently a few years back, he and dad Will Smith dropped by the famous entertainment group’s headquarters, even meeting with K-Pop stars such as 2NE1’s CL and G-Dragon of Big Bang.

What are your thoughts on Jaden releasing a K-Pop single? Let us know!