Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream: Have a Taste of Uniquely-Flavored Homemade Ice Cream



When In Manila and looking for a yummy dessert that’s homemade, consists only of fresh ingredients, and has unique flavors to choose from, why not try out Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream? 


I really love ice cream but the usual flavors available in the supermarkets get boring sometimes and I just look for refreshing new flavors to try out. I also want my ice cream to have natural products that give it flavor and not be put with artificial sweeteners. The difference in the taste is very significant and natural ingredients are yummier!


Last July  7, I went to Bonner Dytoc’s home to try out some flavors of his home-made ice cream. He was a speaker at the Wallet Therapy + Stock Trading 101 Seminar that I attended last June 23. While mainly dealing with stocks as it is his main business at Absolute Traders, he makes ice cream on his spare time. After 3 years of researching and concocting the flavors for his ice cream business, Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream came to life.



jack frost bonner dytoc 2

It won’t happen often that a stock trading expert will scoop ice cream for you! 


He made me make myself comfortable by the dining table and gave me some Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream. He asked me guess the flavor of the ice cream by smelling it. “Malunggay?” “Sampaguita?,” I said. I was mistaken. He said it was basil!



jack frost basil ice cream

Basil Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream


Well, I love having some basil with my spaghetti sauce but I never thought about it being turned into an ice cream flavor! I felt like eating an herb in the form of an ice cream. It seemed weird at first but after a few more spoons of Basil Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream, it was a refreshing delight. 



jack frost morning rush

Morning Rush  – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream


Next stop was the Morning Rush.  It was coffee-flavored ice cream with bacon bits. It combined two of the things I love: ice cream and breakfast meals! At the first spoonful, I only tasted the coffee ice cream but the succeeding ones included the hint of bacon bits. I also like the fact that the coffee flavor is not that strong. 



jack frost choco glacier

 Chocolate Glacier Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream

This is chocolate ice cream with choco mint bits. I love how the sweetness of the chocolate compliments the mintiness of the choco mint bits.



jack frost oreo cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream 

Unlike most oreo cheesecake ice creams I’ve tasted, this one is mild and has just the right hint of sweetness. The oreo chunks in the ice cream were also not too big. I think I can eat a pint of this in one sitting!



jack frost blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream 

My favorite among the  Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream flavors that I tasted!  Of course, we can expect our blueberry cheese cake ice creams to be extra sweet. I commend this one for having a generous amount of blueberries in the ice cream. If I can eat a pint of the oreo cheesecake ice cream, I can at a half-gallon of this one!



There are still three other flavors of Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream, and they are:



jack frost white rock

 White Rock Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream


jack frost orange rosemary

 Orange Rosemary Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream


jack frost lemon mint

Lemon Mint Flavor – Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream 


Aside from tasting some flavors, I also got to see Bonner Dytoc in action and talk to him about ice cream making. 


 jack frost bonner dytoc making ice cream



I learned from him that when making homemade ice cream, the ice cream in the container expands while stored in the freezer and so space must be provided for a good end-product.  


What I also like about Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream is that the ice cream is not stored in the freezer for a long time. They have a 2-day   advance ordering system so they only make the ice cream once the transactions have been settled. Customers are guaranteed of  freshly-made ice cream just for them!


 Did I mention that the prices of Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream are very affordable!? Eating delicious home-made ice cream doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can view the Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream price list here



jack frost packaging



So When In Manila and curious to try the not-so-usual ice cream flavors, Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream is the way to go! 


Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream


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Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream: Have a Taste of Uniquely-Flavored Homemade Ice Cream