It’s All About The Heart : UP Streetdance’s Street Fuzion 13: PUSO

Streetdance is thriving in the dance culture when in Manila. It’s evident in media, events and even in schools. The best way to witness it is to go back to one of the main homes of streetdance: UP.

UP Streetdance club has been a prominenet name in streetdance, if not the dancers, but also the coaches of different dance crews are mentioned in the discourse of streetdance. Every year they conduct a concert entitled Street Fuzion to showcase their current members and alumni. They perform different interpretations of streetdance and are sure to inspire the audience at the end of the show.


This  year it’s all about the heart, thus the title “Street Fuzion 13: PUSO”.

Dance is an outpour of their love for the art, and passion is what motivates them to move on and off stage. 


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