Istorya Creations: The Most Beautiful Personalized Gifts That Keep on Giving

Ever wanted to make a gift extra special? Sure, the occasional necklace or keychain are beautiful presents to receive, but why not take that extra step of personalizing it for your loved one? Whether it’s for family, your significant other, or a very close friend, there’s always a way to make them feel extra loved. This is where Istorya Creations comes in, something that started as a passion project and quickly grew to become a place where every piece tells a story. And special ones, at that.

Imbuing a piece of jewelry or a photo frame with a memory is a surefire way to make a gift all the more sentimental–and Istorya Creations does just that. Every piece is wonderfully unique as they’re all customizable to fit your needs. Whether you want a romantic photo of you and your significant other immortalized in a locket or a beautiful family photo on a tiled photo square, they’re sure to deliver.


It is our ultimate passion to create quality pieces that will reflect your story,” they state in their story and why they do what they do and we can see this clearly in how they really take the sentiments and memories and turn them into real, tactile objects that you can touch and cherish for all the years to come. And we really do mean years, as these beautiful pieces and pictures are so well-made, you can feel the love that was put into it.


In each box, they leave a sweet little note that hopes you love the pieces for years to come. “From our hands to yours,” it reads, bringing over a heartwarming feeling of love. “We believe there is value and romance in creating something uniquely handmade,” the rest of they note says. And we can’t agree more. There really is something very special about something made by hand and with love in this day and age where everything can be mass-produced. If you really want that tinge of tenderness and nostalgia, Istorya is the place to go. They’ll surely meet every expectation you have when it comes to making something either for yourself or your loved ones.


What was most special to me was the keyring with a photo of myself and my grandmother, whom I lost this year before the pandemic. It was a beautiful way to keep her with me in while remaining practical. I carry her with me now in both my heart and my hands and that in itself is a testament to how Istorya can really create a piece that will bring life to memories that may have passed and to people we can no longer physically be with. I’m so grateful to them for keeping her alive with me, in all that I carry.

Ultimately, Istorya immortalizes what we can’t physically feel, but what we can feel in our minds and consciousness–which is a feat in itself. Whether it’s framing a photo of your parents’ wedding that may not have been salvageable with age, or keeping a significant other close to your heart in a locket, Istorya knows how to tell your story with grace and with an elegant charm like no other. Telling stories through objects is not easy, but they do it with confidence and with love. From their hands to yours.

Istorya Creations