Isla Creations: This Local Sunscreen Brand is Coral-Friendly

Although the phrase “fun in the sun” is true, too much sun exposure can also damages your skin. As such, applying SPF is essential in protecting your skin from sunburn and other damage.

Sadly, a lot of commercially available sunscreen brands have chemicals that can harm coral reefs. The chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate are some common ingredients found in sunscreen that are linked to coral bleaching. Fortunately, the rise of environmental awareness has increased and more people are switching to a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

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Homegrown brand Isla Creations’ is one brand that has got our sun protection needs covered without the guilt of harming the seas. This sunscreen is proudly made of natural and vegan ingredients, but still does the job of shielding our skin from harmful UV rays. Aside from that, it is lightly packaged in a refillable can, promoting a zero-waste lifestyle at the same time.

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The mermaid logo captures the eye of divers and beach lovers. To top it all odd, the sunscreen also comes in various colours to match your suit or add a dash of hue to your Instagram feed.

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Oceans flow over nearly three-quarters of our planet and hold about 97% of Earth's water supply. They're home to millions of Earth's plants and animals, produce over half of the planet's oxygen, and absorb the most carbon from the atmosphere. Lets save our oceans by doing little things consistently. Here are 5 ways to take action for worlds oceans day: 1. Commit to reducing plastic – Reducing your plastic use can be easy. There are so many alternatives available now that people are getting more conscious about their plastic consumption. Most products have a better plastic free alternative. Always choose what’s best for the Earth. 2. @take3forthesea – You can save the environment whether you’re at the beach or in the city by taking 3 pieces of trash. Small actions done collectively have a BIG impact. 3. Say no to fast fashion! – The clothing industry is the second biggest polluter next to oil. Choose clothes that are made to last, made ethically and sustainably. Get something you can wear multiple times. Support local brands and Say no to fast fashion! 4. Switch to a reef friendly sunscreen – Coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine life on the planet. Toxic active ingredients in the sunscreens sold in today’s market are killing our reefs and disrupting your endocrine system. Whether you’re in the ocean or not, what’s on your skin is on the reef. Lets always keep our ocean safe and beautiful. 5. Spread awareness – Our generation is lucky because we have social media. It’s free so use it for the greater good cause you’ll never know the impact you give. ? It’s the little things we do consistently that make the biggest change. Protect what you love ?? #WorldOceansDay words from @kelseaswim wearing Lila ?

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With the current situation of our planet, it is crucial to do our part to help decrease the harmful impact to the environment. Switching up your lifestyle, even if it’s just by choosing to use oxybenzone-free sunscreen, can make ripples towards our progress to sustainability.

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