Isko Moreno Calls For Chinese Man Who Peed In Public And Assaulted A Barangay Official To Be Deported

Last July 6, Saturday Manila Mayor Isko Moreno came across a Chinese national peeing on a Binondo street.

When said Chinese national was approached regarding the violation, he lashed out at Barangay 281 Chairman Jeff Lau by hitting him. This spurred Moreno to call on the Bureau of Immigration to enforce deportation against the man as well as banning him from future entry into the Philippines.

isko moreno

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Moreno talked about the incident during a press conference last July 8, Monday:

If you hit our enforcer, if you attempt to hurt our policemen because you are (a) superpower, you believe that malaking bansa kayo [you believe that you are a powerful country], you are not welcome to the City of Manila.

We are now going to write to Immigration to deport this Chinese fellow na umihi sa kalye ng Maynila, na nanapak pa… [that peed on the streets of Manila, and even assualted someone…] We will request the immigration to deport you and ban you from entering the country.

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He sought to make it clear that while the city of Manila remains open and welcoming to foreign nationals, especially Chinese nationals who conduct business in the area, there is still a need for all to comply with its laws and regulations. All he asks is that there be respect for the rules of the city.

Do you think this Chinese national should be deported?