ISkin Transformation Kit: Specially Formulated for Asian Skin

When In Manila, how many times do you find yourself walking into a make-up store and coming out of it with more than you intended to buy just because of all the amazing products it had to offer? And most of it came with a promise to provide instant covering of zits, redness and imperfections?

I almost caught myself in that trap again a few weeks ago. And I had to stop myself and think if I should really spend hard-earned money on good make-up or good skincare. And about the same time that was when I discovered the ISkin Transformation Kit.


A breakthrough total skin renewal program, the ISkin Transformation Kit is
of top-quality products that promise to bring out the best in your Asian skin.

And this is the point you would say, here comes another product that’s going to add to the sea of skincare stuff already out there. But its different, and I say this as someone who has been years out of adolescence but still finds a plethora of skin problems, even with all the stuff already put on my face to solve it.

We usually find the good ones are those that come from abroad. The thing about that is it works for them but usually not for Asian skin. According to Dr. Evelyn San Luis, a Medical Aesthetic Professional at Flawless Face and Body Center (Flawless), maintaining the optimum health and natural beauty of oriental skin calls for more specialized and thorough regimens.

“There are several factors that greatly affect the health and appearance of our skin,” she explains. “Clearly, we have a lot more on our plates. Compared to Caucasians, we have more sebaceous glands, larger melanin cells and a thicker epidermis. We are also more prone to darkening and pigmentation due to the fact that our skin has more melanocytes (mature, melanin-forming cells). That’s why it’s really comforting to know that there are now companies like ISkin New York who are into formulating beauty products that cater to our specific needs.”

Well renowned and a favorite brand especially among celebrities, ISkin New York is a leading provider of premium skincare programs that deal with various skin issues through the process of cell renewal; that is to say, product lines that initiate a chain reaction of cell rebirth from deep into the skin. Even more impressive, they also offer products that contain specialized peptides—chains of amino acids that perform specific functions like anti-aging and skin lightening agents. These specialized peptides allow everyone to enjoy the brand’s benefits for longer periods of time and without subjecting themselves to harmful chemicals.


GMA 7 star, Maxene Magalona, is a proud user of ISkin New York.

ISkin New York’s flagship program, the ISkin Transformation Kit, is designed with the Asian skin in mind. Its advanced formulation promises to increase the skin’s tolerance to environmental factors and diminish any visible sign of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentations and rough skin. According to Dr. San Luis, the program is perfect for those who, due to their fast-paced lifestyle and constant exposure to free radicals, have skins that are aging faster than they should.


“Each individual product included in the ISkin Transformation Kit has been carefully blended and tested several times to ensure quality. They work deep into the skin to stimulate new cell growth, improve circulation and help rebuild collagen.”

ISkin’s Transformation Kit is composed of top-quality products that promise to bring out the best in your Asian skin. It includes: a mild plant-based deep cleanser that effectively removes dirt and other impurities without harming your skin; a balancing toner restores the skin’s pH balance—boosting its ability to absorb nutrients in preparation for the creams that will follow; a lightweight whitening moisturizer that targets pigmentations; a broad spectrum sunscreen that doesn’t leave a greasy feel on the skin; and two patented rejuvenating creams that effectively stimulate cell activity and collagen and elastin formation.

I gave the Iskin Transformation Kit a test. First I went through a facial at Flawless to just cleanse everything out.



Then I started the regimen and into just 2 weeks, here are the results.


Less redness, bumps smoothened out and my skin had a certain glow and radiance to it. I did experience peeling but it was really subtle. With some products, the peeling is a lot so its obvious that you’re putting on something.

My career as a professional photographer entails me to be under the sun most of the time and be exposed to a lot of elements during shoots – I managed this by putting on a lot of sunblock (included in the kit). The whole regimen is really simple and could fit any on-the-go/ wash-and-wear / busy lifestyle.

I actually felt that I could go out with less makeup because the canvass (skin) was already good to begin with. I really didn’t want to hide it with too much gunk.  It also felt good that my skin could “breathe” more and I could go out with a more natural look.

When In Manila, this is definitely a skincare line I would recommend to everyone because it knows our skin and it definitely works.


ISkin New York’s newest brand ambassador, Maxene Magalona,
says she owes her youthful glow to the brand’s Transformation Program.



ISkin New York is a U.S.-based skincare laboratory whose range of premium products caters to the lifestyle needs of modern men and women. The brand is famed for integrating cellular and nutritional sciences into the development of its products’ formulations—helping everyone achieve visible transformation and producing healthy and radiant skin regardless of age and skin type. In the Philippines, ISkin New York is exclusively distributed by Flawless. For more information, you may visit or contact 584-6807.


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