Is Vegan Haircare Actually Better?

People have been lathering their locks with sulfate- and silicone-filled shampoos and conditioners for years. While this works for some people, most hair textures can’t tolerate their stripping properties. Usually, it can lead to dry, frizzy, thinning hair, to name a few. 

With the rise of the vegan movement (from food to beauty), vegan hair brands are becoming the norm, giving people more options to change their hair routine and transform their locks.

So, how different are vegan hair products from a regular shampoo bottle you buy at the supermarket? 



More gentle on the scalp

Got problems like an oily or dry scalp? Or maybe you have occasional eczema or psoriasis flare-ups on your head? Vegan hair products can help treat scalp problems better than regular haircare brands because they don’t contain harsh chemicals. And since your scalp is technically skin, the natural oils used in vegan products are more effective at moisturizing and repairing your skin barrier—resulting in a more balanced and flake-free head.

Nourishing on the strands

If you’ve ever wondered why your hair is so dry and frizzy after washing, it could be because of the sulfates in your products. Sulfates are great for cleansing, but sometimes it overdoes it—leaving hair drier and more prone to frizz. Vegan products don’t contain any synthetic ingredients such as this. Instead, natural oils like macadamia oil and coconut oil are substituted. Aloe vera is sometimes even added to soothe and hydrate the scalp. This makes them more moisturizing and nourishing on your strands, plus it can strengthen and protect hair from free radical damage! 

Suitable for all hair textures

For those with wavy, curly, and coily hair, products with harsh cleansers are usually a no-go since they can remove moisture. Since vegan hair products are made with hydrating ingredients, they can smoothen frizz, prevent breakage, and make hair feel bouncier. Just make sure you pick the right formula for your locks! Some vegan hair products can lean on the heavy side, while others are more lightweight.

They’re more environmentally friendly

Vegan hair brands don’t use animal-derived ingredients like beeswax and lanolin, don’t test on animals, and typically use sustainable packaging—for example, their bottles could be made of recycled plastic or refillable glass packaging. Thanks to these, they don’t negatively impact the environment much, compared to big corporations that create, and throw out, a lot of plastic waste.

If you’re ready to try vegan haircare, however, it’s important you finish what you currently have! After, N LIFEPLUS’s line of vegan products will be here to bring your hair to life and encourage growth for thicker, healthier hair! 



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