Is This Trend Gonna Replace the Milk Tea Hype Anytime Soon?

Healthy, creamy and just as tasty. Does this contender have what it takes?

Last year was a golden year for milk tea, with many brands coming in the Philippines— each one boasting of a wide array of choices, flavors, or even the occasional gimmicks up their sleeve. And even until now, the hype shows no signs of dying down.

Possible reasons as to why milk tea remains such a hit among not just the Filipino market, but even Asians as a whole, could be because it is convenient and easy to carry around, highly personalized (from sugar level down to the sinkers) and indulgent, especially on a hot day. A guilty pleasure, so to speak.

But what if you’re looking for something healthy and tasty? The answer: Yogurt!

Koomi Yogurt

Yogurt has been around for a long time— served in prepackaged cups in groceries, or even as a frozen soft-serve yogurt treat. But now, a new option joins the ranks, and that is the yogurt drink. A cross between the two, it’s more liquid than viscous and comes with add on options in the form of sweeteners, sinkers or even fruits.

But the real game-changer? Rice! That’s right— you can enjoy your yogurt with rice from Koomi, a yogurt drink that just landed in the Philippines.

An Australian brand known for their Purple Rice Drink, Koomi makes their drinks with natural yogurt. Honey is used to sweeten it as opposed to sugar, and healthy additions include fruits, oats, aloe jelly, and rice make up the sinkers. That way, health, and weight-conscious people, those who are lactose intolerant or even diabetic, can enjoy a refreshing drink loaded with health benefits.

And if you want to indulge, you can! Koomi even offers brown sugar pearls or cookies and cream-flavored yogurt. It’s a great way to introduce something healthy to kids while giving them their much-needed calcium and protein fix!

Pro Tip: Bring your own tumbler to any Koomi branch and save PHP5 on your drink.

Koomi Philippines

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