Is This Another Trap to Penalize Drivers on the Road?

Is This Another Trap to Penalize Drivers on the Road?

Driving on the roads of Manila has its fair share of challenges similar to commuting on a bus or riding the MRT. It may be a little more comfortable driving your own car to and from wherever you need to be in the metro because you don’t have to join the long queue on the MRT or be faced with an overshooting MRT slamming barriers on the train station.

Still, driving your own car on the roads of the city is not a walk in the park. Aside from the possibility of getting stuck for hours in traffic, you can be faced with various purported traps that can end up penalizing you. We have received stories of quite a few probable traps like the faulty stoplight and the fallen U-Turn sign. Another alleged trap for drivers on the road surfaced online and according to the netizen who posted it, it can be found somewhere in Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

A netizen posted the following photo on Facebook. He captioned it with:

watch out for this trap along #commonwealthavenue there isn’t a “no u-turn” sign anywhere but when you do it there are #mmda personnel on the otherside to apprehend you… its been this way for months and looks like a great #extortion raket… tsktsk @mmda is this your mandate?… to lure motorists? this is why you don’t get any respect as a government agency because this kind of shit happens….

Trap drivers along commonwealth ave(Photo from: Neil P.)

Netizens who saw this photo had different views regarding it. Some of them say that it can be another modus operandi to apprehend unassuming motorists and penalize them due to the inconspicuous sign that the real U-Turn slot is just a few meters ahead. Others say drivers should know where the right U-Turn slots are and it is but right that those who don’t follow should be apprehended.

If you’re driving in the city, it is good to arm yourself with road information. Aside from instances like this, other road rules change from city to city such as the number coding scheme. Another rule not applicable to the entire Metro Manila is the one-truck lane policy, which is currently implement along C5.

If this is really another trap for drivers on the road, it won’t hurt to be more vigilant and take this as a warning.

Do you think it’s really a trap or not?

Are there similar cases in other parts of the city?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Is This Another Trap to Penalize Drivers on the Road?

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