Is This An MRT Problem? Netizen Was Told to Get ‘Cash Refund’ But Given Regular Card Instead

MRT problems come on a daily basis. From the long lines every day commuters have to endure to having unsafe open doors while moving and also stopping trains midway where passengers are forced to walk on the tracks, name it and we have it.

Recently, another MRT problem was sent to us by one of our readers, AJ.

According to AJ, around 10:30am on a Sunday at the Ayala MRT Station, the train technically went off. They were told that only transportation to and from North Ave. to Shaw Boulevard will be available. He said that it was announced that they will be given a “cash refund” since the trains are non-functional. He lined up at the cash refund queue only to find out that they are handing out regular train cards that can be used not later than three days after. Expecting that he will get his money since he wasn’t able to use the service, he told them that he wanted his money back since he doesn’t frequently use the MRT. He was simply told, “Ganun po talaga sir ang gingawa dito.” (Rough translation: That’s really the practice here sir.)

MRT Problem Cash Refund

Here is his full account of the incident:

Hi When in Manila ! I hope you could share this to your followers for the purpose of awareness and/or to address the issue to clear the matter. I’m not sure if this is part of your concern but I would just like to share my very recent experience about the MRT’s worsening situation.

Around 10:30 AM on a Sunday at the Ayala MRT Station, the train technically went off. It was announced that only North Ave. to Shaw Boulevard would be available for transportation. It was also announced to all passengers from the station that we can (get a) “Cash Refund” (for) our Beep Card. And so we lined up only to notice that these yellow single journey Beep Cards are exchanged with another Regular Card to be used not later than three (3) days. And so I asked them, “I thought we would be refunded by cash (legal tender)?” I pointed to them that it is written in their window glass. I told them that I want the cash because I won’t be using the card that was exchanged (because of) the fact that I rarely use the MRT system. They were pissed and answered me with, “Ganun po talaga sir ang gingawa dito.”

Since the line was already long and there was only one window serving for “cash refund,” I moved along. And there’s one other guy talking at my back telling me to “stop making reklamo (complaining) and move along.” Maybe he was in a rush or anything that I’m not aware of but isn’t it our right to address something which we think is maliciously handled? We need to speak-out to let this people know their mistakes and correct it immediately, as the case may be. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you!

If service was not properly delivered, why not refund the payment? Is this really the practice in the MRT? Shouldn’t it be corrected because it may be unfair to commuters like AJ who rarely use this mode of transportation?

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