MRT Stops, Passengers Forced to Walk on Tracks

According to a post from GMA News, passengers of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) were forced to walk on the tracks last night to get to Santolan-Annapolis station when the train they took stopped its operation.

The report adds that the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said the cause of the temporary stop was due to “a drive circuit interlocking problem.”

Here are photos of some of the passengers getting down the train and walking down the tracks during this unfortunate incident. Photos are posted on GMA News’ website and are taken by Arby Mohamad.

MRT stops, Passengers walk (1) MRT stops, Passengers walk (2) MRT stops, Passengers walk (3)

The MRT (and LRT) implemented a fare increase at the start of the year to fuel improvement projects this 2015 and beyond for the said transportation channels. However, this unfortunate incident shows that the improvements might still be far ahead. Anyway, the time since the implementation of the fare hike to today is still short so hopefully we will see some improvements in the near future.

What do you think of this?

Will we really see some improvements soon and prevent incidents like this one from happening?

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