Is Taylor Swift Really Looking to Date Zac Efron Next?

Last June, I wrote an open letter to Taylor Swift because of how heartbroken I was that she was dating Tom Hiddleston – the dream man of almost every woman out there. Apparently, they broke up a few weeks ago and just last week, Gigi Hadid announced that Taylor was working on new music again. This actually got quite a few of my friends excited because of how much drama has been going on in Taylor’s life lately – definitely some good song-writing material for her right there!

Well, new rumours are surfacing yet again, and this time, they involve Zac Efron! Rumors say that Taylor Swift has had her eyes set on Zac for a while now and that they had always wanted to hang out since they met at the premiere of The Lorax. Sadly, that never happened because they were both so busy. Add to that the fact that Zac always had a girlfriend and Taylor always had a boyfriend. Well, lo and behold! They’re both single at the same time now, so Taylor wants to see how it goes!

Now, I feel the need to point out that these rumours are mainly coming from websites like Hollywood Life, International Business Times UK, and Unreality TV, though; so I wouldn’t look too much into it. However, I’m still bracing myself just in case the rumours are true – or in case Taylor Swift reads those rumours, gets certain ideas in her head and goes out to make the rumours come true. After Tom Hiddleston, I truly believe she can get anything she sets her mind to now.

While we wait and see how Taylor’s life unfolds, here’s a throwback of that time when Zac and Taylor sang a duet on The Ellen Show in 2012:

When I first saw this on YouTube, I remember thinking they were really cute. Knowing everything that I know now, though, I’m not sure how I feel about it anymore. Either way, I’ll get ready to write another open letter to her just in case. :p