Is Matteo Guidicelli replacing James Reid in upcoming Pedro Penduko film?

After James Reid had to drop out of his Pedro Penduko film due to a medical condition that declares him unfit to push through with the project, rumor has it that Matteo Guidicelli is being eyed to be his replacement.

Matteo was able to address these rumors during an interview at the Viva Convention last Saturday, August 3. “It will be a great project, of course. This is a superhero in the Philippines na talagang bigating superhero. I’ll be open to do a project like this,” he told reporters.

Although he has undergone military training making him fit enough to take on the role in the action-packed film, he said that he would still have to go through proper training.

“I’ll be very, very happy to portray Pedro Penduko pero siyempre kailangan pa din ng training dahil iba ‘yung characteristics na meron si Pedro Penduko,” he said. He also mentioned that he would feel honored to represent Filipino martial arts in the movie if given the chance.

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However, he clarified that there is no formal offer yet for him to play the role.

“We’re going through different meetings pa, let’s see for the confirmation. If ever, that would be good project and a big blessing,” he added.

What do you think, is Matteo a great choice to portray Pedro Penduko? Tell us your thoughts!


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