Is “13 Going on 30” Having a Sequel? Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo Tease Fans

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are back together on screen! The “13 Going on 30” love team captured the hearts of fans in 2004 when they played the role of best friends turned lovers, Jenna and Matty.


Now, they have finally reunited! Although, it’s not a “13 Going on 30” sequel.

Ruffalo and Garner are teaming up once again in the upcoming action-comedy film called “The Adam Project”!

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The Adam Project (L to R) Jennifer Garner as Ellie and Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed. Cr. Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2022

The Netflix film is about a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self and his late father to come to terms with his past while also saving the future.

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Read more about it here.

It has been 18 years since the release of the iconic rom-com, but the duo was ecstatic on talking about it on “Good Morning America”. When asked about what they thought Jenna and Matty would be up to today, here’s what they said.

Well, I think they would have a son and he would look like Ryan Reynolds…” Garner said. “…which is weird because he’s like four years older than us,” Ruffalo quipped. Garner then continued, “I think he would be a time traveler…” To which Ruffalo added, “…because we’re into time travel stuff.

Plus, they’re giving all these nostalgic feels while munching on Razzles! OMG, right? Watch the full interview below:

In another interview, Ruffalo said that he is interested in a possible sequel for the romcom. “Jen and I have been talking about this and anyone in Hollywood who wants to jump on this,” Ruffalo told Access Hollywood at “The Adam Project” premiere. “I do think it’s time for a sequel to what happens. Maybe ’50 going on 80?’

“The Adam Project” will premiere on Netflix on March 11.

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