Ireland Legalizes Gay Marriage After the Majority Vote

Thousands of gay rights activists celebrate in tears in front of Dublin Castle as the Irish Republic declares the legalization of same-sex marriage which labels Ireland as the first country in the world to allow it via majority vote.

Photo by: Reuters


Gaining 62% of electorates approving gay marriage, Prime Minister Enda Kenny states that the people’s decision only reveals how compassionate, bold, and joyful they are as he warmly announces the result.

The same-sex marriage poll achieves 1, 201, 607 ‘yes’ while 734, 300 voters sticks to ‘no’ out of more than three million participants. The public decision is said to be overwhelming because Ireland is also a Catholic country as the Philippines.

Recently, a huge number of people rally in support of same-sex marriage, showing the unity of Irish citizens. 

Rally in support of same-sex marriage in Dublin

Photo by: Robin English


However, not all people around the world seem to be pleased with the decision but Ireland stands that marriage is a union of two people in love despite their gender.

What can you say about the legalization? Will you say yes if the voting is conducted in the Philippines?


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