International Sportswear Brand Now Using Plus-Size Mannequins In Stores

The fight for inclusivity in fashion and apparel has been one supported by Nike for some time now. This sportswear brand understands the need to celebrate all forms of diversity, from race to body type.

In 2017, they launched their plus-size range with sizes 1X to 3X as part of their new offerings.

Since then, they have conducted different campaigns and collaborations in order to forward size-inclusivity.

Their most recent move has been to introduce plus-size and para-sport mannequins in their London flagship store. They are proudly being displayed on Nike’s redeveloped women’s floor. The mannequins signal ‘extended offerings of plus-sizes’ as well.

nike plus size mannequins

Image from CNN

Nike explained the move in a press statement:

To celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport, the space will not just celebrate local elite and grassroot athletes through visual content, but also show Nike plus size and para-sport mannequins for the first time on a retail space.

(Barbara Palvin is being called the first ‘plus size’ Victoria’s Secret Angel)

Sarah Hannah, Nike’s general manager, talked about how this is a win for women in sports: “With the incredible momentum in women’s sport right now, the redesigned space is just another demonstration of Nike’s commitment to inspiring and serving the female athlete.”

What else do you think can be done to forward body-inclusivity?