Intellectual Property Office Responds to Allegations of Stealing a Designer’s Logo

When in Manila recently published’s statement on the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines allegedly using a stolen logo. Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines or IPOPHL released a response:



Kristian Kabuay of then responded to IPOPHL’s statement by emphasizing that IPOPHL’s use of baybayin was never the issue. Instead, it was the copying the design of the artwork (and even the description of the design). He wrote:

It’s not about the Baybayin script, it’s about the artwork of the script. That means that ANY indigenous artwork will not be protected in the Philippines! It’s scary that the people who are supposed to know this do not. Is IPOPHL really that ignorant or are they trying to make the Onion headlines? Designed by Design Center of the Philippines? Why don’t you look to see where they got the design idea from? Why make a statement on a PDF? So lawyerly of them. How about just talking like normal people.

Oh yeah, they can’t because they’re out of touch.

Since they banned me on their FB page, I can’t reply so feel free to comment on their post. I’ll be writing more on

View his full video below.

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