INSPIRING: Why 2 OFWs Went Back To The Philippines And Started An All-Local Cafe Called “Caffe Nativo”


Josef along with his wife Lilian lived in Dubai, UAE for 5 years. They met and worked in a local coffee shop there and shared their love for coffee. He told us: “I went to Dubai to find a job and have a good life but i didn’t want to become an employee forever.”

Many will agree that life as an OFW is very difficult. Still, many choose this life for many reasons, mostly out of love. But when Lilian got pregnant with their first child, they wanted to raise their son, Kiefer in their homeland. They packed all their stuff and headed back to the place they both loved. They knew it was going to be difficult.



Josef and Lilian put up a cafe in Tagaytay called “Caffe Nativo.” Their intent was quite simple and straight forward: to serve good local coffee with impeccable service. Of course every establishment will boast about their “service.” But how good is the service in Caffe Nativo? They’ll go the extra mile for you. You can tell them how you liked your pasta or coffee and they’ll make it their mission to bring a smile to your face.


I was newbie Tagaytay resident looking for a place that had coffee and a great wifi connection. I found Cafe Nativo along the main road at the ground floor of Cityland condominium. While I was having my coffee, I observed how great their service was. It wasn’t just the typical “thank you, come again” mantra. I overheard a customer ask Joseph if they were selling cellphone load. Unfortunately, they did not. A few moments later I overheard him driving out to buy the woman load. He wasn’t going to benefit from it. He was just really being nice. It was rare to find people like these.

When I struck up a conversation with Josef, he told me their story. He told me that Caffe Nativo was everything for them. It wasn’t just a cafe. It was a place for compassion and friendship. It was a place you’d love to come back to. It was the epitome of their struggles but with hardwork and a bit of kindness, it went a long way.

We recommend that you try their Clubhouse, Caramel Latte, Espresso and Cheesecake!






“The cakes we have in the fridge are the best sellers among the cakes we have displayed. The reason its in the fridge is because thats what the people look for. We have Oreo cheesecake, chocolate campfire cake, blueberry, chocolate domecake. Our crinkles are to die for as they are baked to perfection. We are the only caffe who sells redvelvet crinkles with cream cheese filling. ” – Josef


Caffe Nativo is located along Tagaytay-Calamba road Tagaytay Prime Residences
+63 915 250 2672

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