Inspiring: Social Workers Helped Street Kid Stop Addiction and Earned a Bachelor’s Degree

A used to be rugby boy from Zamboanga was lifted from the darkness and is now a college graduate.

Dennis sumampong

Photo credit: Inquirer Mindanao/

His name is Dennis Sumampong. His parents abandoned him and he subsequently fleeing his abusive adoptive family in Margosatubig in Zamboanga del Sur province, reported. As a result, he relied on his money from begging and used it to support his addiction.

Fortunately, social workers from Akay Kalinga Center, a Catholic Church-based Katilingban sa Kalambuan (Community for Development) Inc.

, helped Dennis move on from addiction.

Surprisingly enough, the street kid is now a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Hard Life and Poverty

As mentioned in the article, Dennis, just like any street kid, had suffered a lot. He told the news, he would just sleep when he feels sick. Although, people gave him food and money he was always after the love of a mother and father.

And, he found love at the Akay Kalinga house, where he spent his 16 years.

As quoted in the article, the 25-year old graduate said: “children are forced to live in the streets because of poverty and the lack of a loving family.”

He also gave meaningful advice to street children: “Work on your dreams, love yourself.” 

I’ve always believed that with proper care, resources, and education, we can help the street children. There are a lot of potentials and opportunities for these children, only if they were given a chance to explore them.

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