Inkigayo Sandwich: Your KPop Idol’s Favorite Sandwich is Now in Manila!

The KPop Culture has definitely made a huge impact in our own pop culture here in Manila. From music to fashion, it has now influenced our tastebuds, too!

In Korea, there is a bread brand that is currently becoming a trend. Famous because of its taste and filling, it is being eaten by a lot of KPop idols and is therefore gaining popularity with KPop fans, as well. The SBS Inkigayo Sandwich started at the SBS music show “Inkigayo”. Many KPop artists shared their story about discovering the sandwich there.

Bigbang’s Seungri, for example, shared that they weren’t allowed to eat inside the waiting area.

So, while waiting for their segment, they would go to the 4th floor of the building to get some food.

The owner of SBS’ cafeteria is the one who originally made this sandwich that members of K-Pop groups like BTS, Twice, Seventeen, Shinee, and Blackpink turn to as their quick snack.

The different kinds of filling in one sandwich namely – egg salad, coleslaw and strawberry jam in crust less corn bread.

The sandwich is made of layers of crustless bread, coleslaw, strawberry jam, and egg crabstick salad. This is best served cold!

Your When In with SBS Inkigayo Sandwich Phuilippine’s President and CEO Ms. Andrea Amado and our dashing host, Show Suzuki.

The combination of the three kinds of fillings might sound strange; but once you try it, you are sure to appreciate the play of flavors.

The SBS Inkigayo Sandwich truck serving you your favorite Idol Sandwich that will be going around Manila.

Did you know that in Korea, these sandwiches don’t just serve as a snack, but some of your KPop idols even slip their phone numbers inside the packaging to give to their crush?

SBS Inkigayo Sandwich PH


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