Inglot Philippines – Say Hello to the Inglot Freedom Palette!

Inglot Philippines – Say Hello to the Inglot Freedom Palette!


When In Manila, it is time to rejoice for Polish makeup brand Inglot has finally arrived at our shores! Last November 27, Inglot Philippines hosted an intimate launch specifically for VIP Guests, Beauty Bloggers and the like at their flagship store in Glorietta 5 to introduce the Inglot Freedom Palette, amongst other things.

Inglot 30 

Inglot has been around for 30 years and they have over 400 stores across the globe. However, the Philippines is only the second country in Southeast Asia to have an Inglot distribution outlet next to Malaysia.

Inglot cosmetics is the brainchild of chemist Wojciech Inglot during the height of communist rule in Poland. His vision is to produce highest possible quality of raw materials that are healthy, free from harmful chemicals (such are parabens) that are usually used by cheaper products. Quality is of highest regard to their company but when it comes to pricing, Inglot products are priced 20 to 30 percent lower than make up brands that are at their par. Well, after seeing the prices, I was surprised to find out that they really are cheaper compared to other makeup brands. 

Inglot Philippines 

Sadly, Mr. Inglot passed last February, but not without giving Poland an internationally acclaimed homegrown cosmetics brand. On that note, his brother Zbigniew Inglot took over as the company’s chair while their sister Elzbieta Inglot-Kobylanski is responsible for day-to-day operations, including control of the factory and the chemical side of the business.

Did you know that 95% of their products are manufactured in Poland, and having a nature of a family owned enterprise, Inglot is not in the push to squeeze out franchisees rather they have friendly policies wherein they do not impose royalty or entry fee.  Instead, they let their partners to spend on local advertising since they are the ones who are familiar with the market. Franchise agreement is renewable every 10 years. 

Inglot Phiippines

The ladies behind The Laverne Luxury Group, (L to R) Michelle Lim – Gankee, Hazel Lim – Lee Hok, Pauline Lim ans Stephanie Borbe 9not in photo).

Here in our country, Inglot Philippines is brought to us by the Laverne Luxury Group headed by Michelle Lim-Gankee, Hazel Lim- Lee Hok, Pauline Lim and their friend Stephanie Borbe. The three siblings are not new when it comes to family owned business, their family is the name behind Sterling Paper and Dona Maria Rice Mills. Definitely, having the background of leading these family businesses gave the Lim’s an edge in getting the franchise of Inglot here.

Inglot Philippines

Inglot Philippines’ Chief Make Up Artist, Mickey see and PR Consultant, martha Sta. Barbara.


Inglot Philippines

Fellow beauty bloggers listening atentively to the short talk of what Inglot is all about.

Inglot is best known for the Inglot Freedom Palette, though, which was conceptualized by Mr. Inglot himself. With this palette, you can choose your case from as small as a duo to a 40 piece palette! They have about 450 lip products, 500 eye products, 350 face products and 300 nail products. If you were to mix and match all these, there are about 3,000,000,000,000,000 combinations. There are infinite possibilities in making your own palette.

 Just like what Hazel Lim – Lee Hok have said, “Inglot will surely be a hit in the Philippines since it represents one thing that Filipinos treasure and that is freedom. Why not get a democratic make up brand for a democratic country.”

Inglot 5

Martha talks about the Freedom Palette.


Inglot Philippines

Getting my hands on the freedom bar. Given this number of make -u up to choose from is really hard


Inglot 6

Inglot Philippine’s fredom bar. 


Inglot 9



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