Inflatable Island’s Newest Attractions Will Make You Want to Take a Beach Trip ASAP

Words by Kelly Punzalan

Photos by Danielle Capuyon

I’m sure we’re all dying to get our dose of Vitamin Sea, but trying to make plans with your barkada can be a real headache. Everybody’s just so busy these days with work, school, family affairs, and other “adulting” duties.  I hope you don’t give up on finding the perfect weekend to squeeze that beach trip in your schedule, though, because I’d hate for you to miss out on Inflatable Island’s exciting new attractions!

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Inflatable Island PH has been providing beach-goers fun alternative activities with their inflatable slides, swings, human launchers, and bridges since 2017. This year, one of the biggest floating playgrounds in Asia just got a whole lot bigger with their three new additions to the playground!

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The Unicornzilla is a giant inflatable unicorn standing at five stories tall! Not only is it super adorable, but you can also swim in the pool on top of it and slide down its colorful rainbow tail.

DSC 9452

Their second new station, the 30-foot Vortex is great for daredevils and athletics. You’ll have to swim to the entry point and climb up a huge tornado-shaped inflatable using a rope to get to the top. You’re basically reverse rappelling at this station, and it’s a surprisingly intense workout.

DSC 9438

Once you arrive at the top, there are three slide options. You can choose the slide going all the way down to the water, the shorter slide with a higher drop, or if you don’t want to delay the agony, there’s the slide with a hole where you can dive 30 feet into the water. I’m a scaredy-cat who hates heights, but I decided to let go of my fears and you can trust me when I say that trying the Vortex was 100% worth it!

DSC 9442

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After a tiring play time on the inflatables, you’re going to want to lie down, relax, and sip on some beachy beverages. You can take a break at the Sunflower Lounge, and while you’re at it, take some photos for your Instagram feed. The yellow beds and sunflower jungle make the perfect backdrop!

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Safety won’t be an issue because all guests attend an orientation upon arrival and everyone is required to wear a life vest while playing on the inflatables. There are also lifeguards on the inflatables who can play with you, guide you, and even act as your personal photographers. They were very accommodating and made sure we were having a good time.

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Inflatable Island is the perfect destination for a vacation with friends, family, and even team-building activities for work! Spend the day at this floating playground and feel like a kid again, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Their Play Passes start as low as P499 and cost up to P899 for the whole day. For bookings, you can visit their website.

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