Indomie Mi Goreng-flavored ice cream exists, and it looks tasty AF

Will you love this in an instant?

Food is ever-changing, and we’re no stranger to quirky or strange combinations. Just take french fries and ice cream, for example. Or maple and bacon ice cream even. Sweet and savory flavors paired together are now the new norm and some of them actually work.

But in today’s story of quirky ice cream flavors, we’ve discovered this mind-boggling combination: Indomie Mi Goreng-flavored ice cream. Yes, you read that right. And it comes from none other than Holi Handcrafted Ice Cream.

This Indonesian brand is known for creating ice cream flavors that use popular Indonesian products. From an Indomilk Banana and Choki-choki flavor to an Energen and Cornflakes duo, the sky’s the limit with this handcrafted shop.

Launching what they claim is a “first in Indonesia”, the Indomie Mi Goreng-flavored ice cream features the same savory flavors of the instant noodle, paired with the same creamy components of ice cream. But the finisher (and dare we say the most notable one?): the fried shallot topping.

Photo from Holi Handcrafted Ice Cream

Photo from Holi Handcrafted Ice Cream

According to YouTuber group Golden Belly, you get a whiff of the Indomie Mi Goreng immediately after opening the lid. While not too sweet, the taste of shallots lingers on the tongue, making it a whole new experience altogether. The 7-minute video review concludes with everyone being “pleasantly surprised” by the combination, but it’s all up in the clouds as to whether they liked it or hated it.

The Indomie Mi Goreng-flavored Ice Cream comes in a 300 ml tub, and is available for Rp 50,000 (around PHP164) each.

In the words of Holi Ice Cream: “Are you sure you don’t want to try?”

Unfortunately, the Indomie Mi Goreng ice cream is only available in Indonesia. Maybe, this trend would come to the Philippines soon so we can try it.

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