Indie Un-film Festival 2020: Uncovering #YourBreakthrough

Written by Charisse Cay

Indie Un-film Festival (IUF) is the longest-running collegiate annual digital film competition which serves as an avenue for student filmmakers to exhibit their films. The DLSU Green Media Group, the team behind IUF 2020, reimagined the event and reintroduced IUF Talks as a platform for these young filmmakers to continue to learn more about the industry during these trying times.

Photo from the DLSU Green Media Group

Photo from the DLSU Green Media Group

The very first online IUF Talks was held last September 20, 2020. It was a free webcast for aspiring filmmakers to help them learn about the workings of the local film industry through highly acclaimed guest speakers namely Adjani Arumpac, Avid Liongoren, Jason Paul Laxamana, JP Habac, Sari Delena, and Gino Santos. The speakers were able to share valuable knowledge and experiences they have gained during the time they have spent in the field of filmmaking.

To give you a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of cinema, the first IUF Masterclass was held last October 3, 2020, with their instructor Mr. Kristoffer “Tops” Brugada, an esteemed professional in the field. Participants who submitted their entries were given an exclusive opportunity to learn, understand the process of being part of the community, and also what to expect from the local and international film industry.

Photo from the DLSU Green Media Group

Photo from the DLSU Green Media Group

The IUF team would like to thank our participants, partners, and speakers for making this year’s event possible. Hoping to see you all in the succeeding events as you discover #YourBreakthrough!

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