DLSU Green Media Group’s Indie Un-Film Festival Featured Inspiring, Thought-Inducing Films

A street kid turned internationally recognized volunteer, two exceptional dogs who have helped their owners survive, and a chess game depiction of love and betrayal.  These are just some of the stories that were showcased at this year’s Indie Un-Film Festival that was held at De La Salle University last July.  DLSU Green Media Group gave the chance for young filmmakers to let their craft have an audience as they called for a variety of films in the form of Feature, Documentary, Experimental, or Music Video.  Here’s a graphic for the complete set of posters for the films that were shown!


These stories are the ones that need to be heard.  I went to this film festival expecting to see the usual indie tropes, but I was yet again taken in for a ride by these treasures of society we call filmmakers. I was left with so many questions and thoughts about the stories that were told.

Si K was one particular film that, at more than one point, had me on the verge of tears. I was touched, I was sad, I was inspired. But more than what I felt, it was also what I saw.

How the people reacted was important. The audience wasn’t your normal bunch going for the movies, they were real indie enthusiasts who still saw the time to support the younger industry of film. The unified reactions to films such as Hahahahuhuhu was a mark of how strong the indie film scene has become as well as how these films perform well even under the eyes of those who have been exposed to many talents.



But as with any film fest, there are those who stood out from the rest. Here is a complete list of winners.  All of these films have performed exceptionally and with or without award, should be proud of what they have accomplished.

Indie Un-Film Fest 2017 List of Awardees

Best Feature Award – Sa Saiyang Isla by Christian Candelaria
Best Documentary Award – Halal by Dahren Tagtag
Best Experimental Award- Anhedonic Nightmares by Colin James Naranjo
Best Music Video Award- Sulat by Jay Jacinto

Best Sound Design Award: Anhedonic Nightmares by Colin James Naranjo
Best Editing Award: Headline by Juan Carlos Ojan
Best Cinematography Award: Strings and Bridges by Nicolette Marcelo
Best Screenplay Award: Caramel Child by Kim Timan
Best Director Award: Christian Candelaria (director of Sa Saiyang Isla)

DLSU Green Media Group’s initiative to set up an avenue for filmmakers to showcase their outputs should set an example to more organizations out there. There are so many stories out there left to be told, and giving these filmmakers the right to share their storytelling craft is an event to be admired.

Do you have any exceptional indie films you’d like to share with us?  Tell us in the comments!