IN PHOTOS: Smashing Two Years of The Palace Pool Club with Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw - 36

Hundreds of people partied with the Palace as they celebrate their second anniversary last April 25, 2017. Attended by the hottest stars today and the coolest djs, everyone definitely had an amazing time.

Yellow Claw - 23

Heineken smashed up the party as they had The Takeover, wherein people had the chance to choose between the songs they wanted to play. It became some sort of a competition among people with different music tastes, but a fun one since everyone still ended up dancing along to what was chosen by the majority.

Yellow Claw - 26

There was a sea full of green wristwatches turning switching colors as the music also switches from one song to another. People also enjoyed their own cans of Heineken as they dance along to the beat of the music.

Yellow Claw - 33

Yellow Claw set the floor even hotter. The crowd got thicker as the party got later and more intense. Yellow Claw played some of their biggest hits. I was able to check out their music before I went to the event and thought that each of their tracks are instant favorites!

I expected a lot from their set because of that, and they sure delivered.

Yellow Claw - 32

Yellow Claw, just like their music, was full of life and spirit which the crowd definitely felt. It seemed like the crowd loved their set a lot, too, which made the night even more fun as people danced and drank the night away while moving to great music and great friends.

Yellow Claw - 22

The Palace Pool Club surely had the great way to celebrate their second year anniversary! Here’s to many more years of smashing parties in the only Palace Pool Club!