In need of 1×1 photos? Follow this student’s footsteps and go to Timezone!

Back to school season means school supplies, new (hopefully cute) classmates, and the dreaded need for 1×1 photos. Teachers find it useful to have a reference for our faces in class and they usually collect photos on the first few days. Some even have consequences if students don’t submit them in time!

Have no fear of your teacher’s grade deductions and follow this student’s lead! Instead of queuing at studios and waiting for hours, take a trip to the nearest Timezone instead!

Talk about smart thinking! Just a bit of cutting around the edges and a perfectly good 1×1 photo is now in your hands, soon to be pasted onto an index card and filed away in a teacher’s cabinet. This is, indeed, one clever back to school hack.

We hope that school has been good to you all! Welcome back, students! Have a wonderful 2018 ahead!

Do you have any other back-to-school hacks? Share them with us!

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