Impress Fabric Wrinkle Releaser: Make the Best Impressions

Rode the train going to your job interview? Went inside the train fresh and clean, but got down  haggard and with wrinkled clothes? That’s my everyday struggle.

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I came upon this product called Impress: Fabric Wrinkle Releaser that says it can remove wrinkles from your clothes to make the best first impression! I was a bit skeptical, but I still decided to try it out.

Impress Fabric Wrinkle Releaser

The product costs P120 and comes in a compact 50ml bottle that you can bring anywhere you go!

Impress Fabric Wrinkle Releaser

The instructions say: spray 5 inches from the affected area 3-4 times and straighten with your hand. It may take 2-3 minutes to dry.


Here’s my before photo of a pure cotton long-sleeved polo. Look closely at the pocket – it’s full of wrinkles!


After using the product, look at the pocket area again; it relieved some of the wrinkles right away!

It took some time to stretch it out with my hand (make sure your hands are clean when you do this or it will make things worse!) and it took its time to dry up, too, but it did work! I also made sure that the wrinkles were damp before stretching it out.

This is great if you still have ample time to prepare and freshen up before walking into your job interview or event. This is why I always make it a point to get there 1 hour in advance! What do you think?

You can order through their ORDER FORM or catch them in one of their booths in bazaars soon!

Impress Wrinkle Releaser