The Impact of Jose Rizal in My Life

Most Filipinos know Jose Rizal as our national hero who featured in our one-peso coin. In history, students and enthusiasts know how he fought for the Philippines’ independence against the Spaniard colonizers. 

As for me, the VoiceMaster, I see Jose Rizal as my idol. He is my inspiration and his life influenced me in positive ways. Let me share how he has impacted me in different ways.


Rizal is nationalistic. He always found ways to serve the country even if he needed to risk his life. We are fortunate that we live in a time where we are free. With this freedom of choice, I want to live and further serve the Filipinos. Even if I had the chance to live in greener pastures in the United States as I pursue my voice acting career, I realized my heart belongs in the Philippines.

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I came back to the country to start my own company. I failed and lost three million pesos in my first business after six months of operations. The second company is CreatiVoices Productions, which became the home of the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. This is the training ground of different aspiring voice artists whom I and Mr. Danny “Ama” Mandia want to help. Looking back, I never regretted my decision to return to the Philippines as I help more Filipinos reach their dreams.

Just like Rizal who never stopped learning and achieving new milestones, I became disruptive and innovative. I hate monotony. I don’t want to be stuck in the same old cycle and pattern, no matter how convenient it might be. I never stop creating new ideas and bringing them to life with the desire to support more people in taking actions for their personal goals and career.

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Excellence is a mantra I live with in my life, too. Rizal never settled for mediocrity. He committed to doing things with the best of his ability, time, and resources. This is my principle as a motivational speaker, CEO of CreatiVoices Productions, Go Negosyo speaker and mentor, author, and founder of different organizations including The Microphone Club, Philippine Association of Public Speakers, and Voice of the Youth Network.

I believe that, in one way or another, I am the present-day Rizal. Amidst all of those obstacles, I still pursue the fulfillment of my dreams.

As a tribute to my idol, I have taken pictures with more than 300 monuments of Rizal in 50 provinces. The farthest in the country I reached is in Batanes and Lamitan, Basilan. I also went to the monuments of Rizal in Hawaii and Singapore. This year, I will go to Europe and visit the monuments of Rizal there.

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Rizal is the only person who has monuments in other countries (approximately 40 monuments). Even former President George Washington doesn’t have monuments outside of the United States.

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