“I’m stealing that riff,” said Day6’s Jae about Ben&Ben’s cover of “You Were Beautiful”

Jae from Korean band Day6 went live on Twitch and watched Ben&Ben’s video where they covered different K-pop songs by different groups. One of the songs, of course, was “You Were Beautiful,” a song by his own band. As he watched, he sang along, nodded to the music, and even exclaimed “I’m stealing that riff!” in delight. He seemed overjoyed at Ben&Ben, even remembering them for their popular song “Leaves” (honestly, us too, Jae, what a powerful song).

Twitter user @dowoondd was able to get the clip of his reaction. Watch it below:


As soon as the cover began, he already expressed his joy, “woo”-ing appreciation as he recognized the band and its members. He began to listen along and sing alongside the vocalists, blending melody into harmony back and forth. He seemed to really enjoy himself!

Are you a Day6 fan? What did you think?

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