Ilocos Tour: A 3 Kings Trip that You Will Never Forget

When in Ilocos, don’t forget to visit Baluerta if you are an animal lover. I promise this will make your Ilocos tour even more worthwhile. 



We had our lunch at Café Uno. When we arrived, the restaurant was literally already packed – that’s how good their food was. We ordered Pinakbet and binagoongang Bagnet, which were both delicious and satisfying. When on an Ilocos tour, make sure to try their local delicacies!


Thomas then brought us to Peros Ilocos Delicacies, where we were able to taste authentic Ilocos delicacies for free. We recommend the cassava cake! Our last stop for the first day was the Paoay Church.


The Paoay Sand Dunes is simply breathtaking. You should try the 4×4 ride or go sandboarding. While we didn’t go on a ride, we were able to watch the sunset. A perfect view to end our first day in Ilocos. 



We arrived at our lodging around 7PM after eating dinner. The group we were with stayed at the Palacio de Laoag, but we stayed at Thomas’ friend Jessie Garnace’s lodging home. We met his wife and his adorable, fat and lazy dog.


Our view

Our view

More Ilocos Tour Travel tips

– Day 1 of our Ilocos tour  was very tiring. You should get some sleep while you are on the bus.

– Since you will be going to the hotel at the end of the tour, you will have to leave your bags on the bus. If you are uncomfortable leaving them behind, bring a small bag for your gadgets and wallet.

– Apply sunblock, wear shades and use an umbrella.

– Bring extra cash. Riding on a 4×4 is not included in the package, but you can split the fee with your friends. You cannot drive the truck on your own, though. There is a provided expert driver to drive you around the dunes!


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