Ignite Manila Talks at Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant

AMAZING night last night where two of my favoritest things in the world came together: food and smart people!

Ignite Manila held their second event at the absolutely sumptuous restaurant called Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant. For those of you not familiar with either, let me “edumacate” you:

The well named event called Ignite is actually a global trend similar to that of T.E.D.x or Pecha Kutcha. Still not ringing a bell? Well, pretty much an Ignite event is where you can hear a bunch of speakers (in this case 12) talk about anything, from frying an egg to starting a revolution and everything else in-between.

What makes Ignite events unique is that Ignite talks are exactly five minutes long. Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, whether they’re ready or not.

Igniters gather in pubs, theaters, and other convivial venues for an evening that is a unique blend of networking, information, and fun encapsulated in the Ignite motto: “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”

It’s actually the perfect way to get exposed to new things! If you want to find out more, you can always talk to the speakers afterwards and do your own research. However, the 5-minute, automatic-slide-changing platform is perfect to give a teaser on a multiverse of topics.

For more information, click here.

The speakers last night were:

  1. Carlos Celdran on the Real Story Behind Damaso
  2. Erick A. Fabian Sr. on DIY Electronic Music on a Budget
  3. Marga Deona on Passing the Torch: A Brief History of Information
  4. Bob Guerrero on Unitarian Universalism: The Church for Today
  5. Giney Villar on Filipino Cuisine
  6. Mike Aquino on Travel Writing
  7. Kenneth Keng on Board Games
  8. Chei Billedo & Tonton Clemente on Psych O’clock Habit
  9. Irene Sarmiento on Science and Fiction: Educating Through Stories
  10. Ronnie Gatbonton on Couchsurfing – Traveling Through Other People’s Couches
  11. Dustin Celestino on Sexual Performance Anxiety
  12. Margie de Leon on Head Meds: How Not to be a Zombie

As for the venue, the Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant is one of the YUMMIEST and classiest places in the Metro. Adarna Food and Culture is a restaurant that celebrates Filipino culinary heritage by serving historical, regional and heirloom recipes in a warm, elegant and homey setting. Every table offers a special view of the place with its collection of Filipino memorabilia.

Hosts are on-hand to provide each guest with efficient and polite service to make dining pleasurable and worry-free. Adarna serves a selection of dishes based on the accounts of old family cooks, descendants of families with culinary traditions and old Filipino cookbooks.

Try Sulu Piassok, Pancit 1913, Menestra Favorito, Bicol Express, Sigarillas Salad with Grieben, Pancit Musiko, Batanes Yellow Rice, Chicken Relleno Antigo, Adobong Batangas, Felicidad, and grilled meats with Salsa Monja, among other gastronomic finds. They also offer vegan options for many of its recipes and can accommodate requests for special dietary needs with prior arrangements.

The restaurant commonly uses organic ingredients without MSG, artificial flavors, seasonings, or preservatives. All ingredients that can be sourced locally and from their points of origin are used.

Traditional cooking methods are applied in a modern kitchen that observes strict sanitary standards to ensure that the food served is safe and clean. Adarna regularly offers new dishes on its menu to celebrate the diverse culinary traditions of the country for its guests to discover and enjoy.

Here are the exotic dishes we tried that night:

Grilled Chicken Breast with Kesong Puti (Php345)

Adobong Batangas (Php240)

Adarna Restaurant’s Fresh Strawberry Fruit Shake (Php85)

Kesong Puti Langka Fry with Mango Drizzle Dessert (Php95)

Adarna Restaurant is actually also very famous for their Langka Shake, of which I’m a very big fan of. Unfortunately, they were sold out of it that night. Fortunately, their Strawberry Fruit Shake was just as delightful!

When in Manila, do check out Ignite Manila’s events to get yourself an “edumacation” and learn cool new things! You also get to meet lots of great individuals who attend them.

When In Manila, also, be sure to get a taste of REALLY GOOD Filipino food at Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant. Try their fresh fruit shakes, especially the Langka Shake. I’m also a big fan of their Grilled Chicken Breast with Kesong Puti dish and the Kesong Puti Langka Fry with Mango Drizzle Dessert. Either way, you’re sure to have a gastronomic time while feeling a sense of culture with every visit to Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant!

Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant

119 Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City

11:30AM – 10:30PM

9268712 / 09179618113

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