If You Could Choose, Where Do You Want to Fly?

If you could ask an airline to start direct flights to anywhere in the Philippines, where would you decide to go?

In the past few weeks, netizens have been using the #CEBFlyMeTo hashtag, asking the country’s leading carrier, Cebu Pacific, to mount flights to destinations where commercial flights are very limited to none existent.

The campaign, which crowdsources travel demand, is a first for any local carrier. Before a route is launched, CEB also takes into account airport readiness (such as meeting runway specifications), safety and security processes, and passenger facilities and operations, among others.

“CEB takes to heart the commitment to nation building and improving the lives of the communities it serves,” says Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing and Distribution at Cebu Pacific. “We want to continue connecting the Philippine islands and offering the lowest fares to stimulate travel and commerce.” With this campaign, Cebu Pacific actively engages with people to involve them in the selection process.

“After the CEB Low Fare Effect in Masbate and Siargao, we now want to ask people where they want us to fly next,” adds Candice.

This isn’t the first time that Cebu Pacific has mounted routes to places that other air services haven’t been to before. In fact, they are the only carrier that goes to and from Ormoc, Tablas and Virac, allowing people to explore places in the Philippines that are off the beaten path.

Recently, Masbateños were also able to rally online and add Masbate to Cebu Pacific’s stops. This has, in turn, helped Masbate economically. You can do the same for your hometown now, too, and help raise awareness, increase business opportunities, and increase tourism and improve accessibility to various provinces, in general.:

With the campaign, the airline also expects to add more routes to allow Filipinos to see more of what the Philippines has to offer – which is, of course, always a good thing.

So, what’s your favorite place in the Philippines? Share your beautiful travel stories with us and stay tuned for the announcement of where CEB will fly next!

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