If There Were an Actual Zombie Apocalypse, Here’s What Dave Bautista Would Do

As always, Dave Bautista kicked some major butt in Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’. We got to sit down with him to ask a few questions about the film, his life as an action star, and – of course – ZOMBIES. Here’s what he says his first plan of action would be in the event that one happened:

“Well, my plan of action right now would be to grab my samurai sword, grab my girlfriend, jump in my truck, and go home. When I get home, I would barricade myself. I would secure myself. I would secure my dogs. And I would start to accumulate food and water and fuel,” he shares. “But I think: safety first. I think if there was a zombie apocalypse, the first thing you wanna do is stay alive. And I think that means getting someplace safe. And then you start to figure out your resources. So that would be, off the top of my head, my basic plan.”

Dave Bautista Army of the Dead

As for the movie, Dave invites everyone to watch the film to escape for a little while. “I hope people watch this film and just lose track of anything that might be negative in their life and in the world and just be entertained for an hour or two. That’s what movies are to me. That’s what television is to me. And that’s why I think they’re so special: we can sit and escape from reality for a while. They just take you away from your problems and allow you to just be in a different world – kind of transport yourself.”

“It’s not going to be life-changing for anybody,” he adds. “But I hope, if only for a couple of hours, it will make their life a little more interesting, a little bit better, a little bit happier.”

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