ICYMI: Last Saturday’s Scout Music Fest Was Lit!

Photos by Courtney Sayson, Kae Adriano, and Patrice Tuyay
Video by CJ Salazar

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Some surf, some sun, and a little bit of nostalgia: what this year’s Scout Music Fest was all about.

For its third birthday, the magazine was all about celebrating the best thing about being young; and just like its regular content, the event was a melting pot of people who know all sorts of fun and who are creative and outgoing.

Last Saturday, we listened to our favorite music acts while enjoying the last leg of summer. But hey, in case you missed it, here’s a FOMO-inducing peek of what went down at Scout Music Fest.


The entrance itself was Instagram-worthy. With the colorful slinkies crossed by the vibrant lights from the stage, we’re pretty sure everyone who came took a snap. Scout made sure everyone’s social media game is up that night by putting summer-themed backdrops. After all, did a party really happen if it wasn’t on Instagram?

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The theme was summer in the ‘80s and so, just as expected, people were dressed in vivid colors and fancy silhouettes. No doubt that the night was a fashion throwback to the once lively decade.

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The hosts were just as ecstatic as the event – making sure everyone was having fun and enjoying every bit of the festival.

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Last but not the least, the crowd was the best. Everyone was cheerful, dancing and drinking. The party really encapsulated what it feels like to be young and carefree.

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Check out our contest winners who partied with us.



Of course, the highlight of the fest are the artists.

From the first performers, She’s Only Sixteen, up to the last artists, Jensen and the Flips – the whole line-up was amazing. Here are some of our favorite moments:


Autotelic made the crowd jump, dance and sing as they play their top hits, Mapa, Laro and Languyin.


No words can explain how awesome Tom’s Story was too. (Get it? Get it?)

Despite technical difficulties, Oh, Flamingo didn’t fail to make everybody sing along and clap to June and Two Feet.


B.P. Valenzuela gave everyone a treat by singing Cards and bb girl which are part of her upcoming album. She also performed crowd favorites like Instead, Logic and Building Too.



Jess Connelly’s set was amazing and we’re pretty sure everyone loved it.

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And one of our favorite moments: Reese Lansangan who wasn’t part of the night’s line-up went up on stage to sing with Jensen and the Flips who capped off the wonderful night.

We know that we have to wait for another year but tbh, we’re looking forward to Scout’s 4th birthday already!

What is your fave Scout Music Fest moment? Tell us in the comments!