HUMANS OF ADMU: “What If I was a Freshie Again?”

Photos and words by Andrea Chan.

Time machines haven’t been invented yet, but have you ever wondered what you would tell your past self if you had the chance to?

Here’s what 19 Ateneans answered to the question: “If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your freshie self?”


“Don’t fall for blockmates.”  Mauren Jane Dy, 2 BS MGT; SocialMedia: FB: Mauren Jane Dy


“Take your time…but make sure you are sure of what you are using that time for.” – Augusto Adre, 4 AB Comm; SocialMedia: FB: Augusto Adre


“Chill ka lang. I mean, maximize yung experience kasi hihirap pa siya pagdating ng upper levels… Magiging focused ka sa acads, sa trabaho. So… para mamaximize lang habang bago: take it all in.

Translation: “Just chill. I mean, maximize the experience because it’s going to become harder when you get to the upper levels.

You’re going to be focused on acads, on work.

So… just maximize things while you’re new: take it all in.” Arvin Boller, BS PSY lecturer; SocialMedia: FB: Arvin Boller


“Don’t slack off because back in freshman year, I used to just sleep a lot. So yeah, I’d like to tell myself to be more productive with my life.” – Miguel Erfe, 2 AB COM; SocialMedia: Miguel Erfe on FB


“Explore more opportunities and go out there, because when I was a freshie [I was super chill]. I was super inactive in orgs. I was just… I wasn’t even doing anything! I was just studying and then not doing much. I just did a few things, so I wish I also did enough for my acads [because] when I became active in orbs, that’s when my hell year started. Like [around] second year I had accounting, QMT and all those other hard subjects so I wish that maybe I could have at least started early so that I could explore or do more, especially when I wasn’t busy so I could not only gain more experience, but also have a more fulfilling college experience. Not that it isn’t fulfilling now, but then I wanted it so that I could have the whole full package and all.” – Joel Anthony Lim, 3 AB IS; SocialMedia: FB: Joel Anthony W. Lim


“Can’t decide? Flip a coin. You will know what you want right as the coin is spinning.” – Jamiessonn Lao, IV BS ITE, SocialMedia: FB, Twitter: jamsessionn


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