HUMANS OF ADMU: “What If I was a Freshie Again?”


“Take things slow and take things in stride.” – Cieryl Sardool, 3 AB POS; SocialMedia:FB: /cieryl, Twitter: @_cieryl, IG: cieryls


“I’d tell myself that you’ll fail. You’ll fail a lot, and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. You’ll fail, and that shouldn’t let you stop whatever you want to do, because failure is the only way to improve.” – Dani Arceno, 2 BFA ID; SocialMedia: Twitter:@Ceno_Ar, IG: bibingkhoy


“Go with the flow and don’t plan too much. Also, although it’s fun to focus or interact with things that you like or are interested in, try to mingle with more people like your classmates and block mates.” – Pao Ocampo, 2 AB COM; SocialMedia: FB:/plocampo ; IG: @paocam16


“Always fight through whatever adversity and always accept the challenge.” – Matthew Yu, 3 BS LM; SocialMedia: FB: Matt Yu


”Don’t drink. Well, TOO much. Everything in moderation!” – Chenelle Co, 2 AB COM; SocialMedia: FB: Chenelle Co


“Take every opportunity as it comes to you. Don’t be scared to take risks because during my freshie years, I was kind of shy. I didn’t wanna get out of my comfort zone. But now, that advice would be what I would give [because] I don’t wanna fear anything. Just leap before you look. Just take every chance when it comes to you and make sure you don’t regret anything.” – Rachelle Ng, 2 BS CTM; SocialMedia: FB: Rachelle Basa Ng

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