HUMANS OF ADMU: “What If I was a Freshie Again?”


“I have two. One: be prepared to see your dreams change right in front of you. And two: say hi to people that you know [because] sometimes you just don’t see your classmates anymore. I mean it means a lot to me and somebody told me that [when i was a freshman] freshman and it helped me with my life.” – Ia Maranon, 3 AB DS; SocialMedia: FB:Ia Maranon


“Treasure every moment. [Don’t be] gago, and really know who your friends are because that’s very important. That’s sad but yeah, that’s it. Don’t be gago and treasure every Ateneo moment.” – Gerard Cordero, 3 AB EU; SocialMedia: FB: Gerard Francis Cordero


“You don’t always have to stay in your comfort zone. Be brave enough to try new things kasi that way, you’ll learn more about yourself, alam mo yun? College kasi for me is also about discovering who you are and what you can be, lalo na pag labas mo ng Ateneo pagka-graduate mo. So yun lang, parang wag kang malimit sa tingin mong ito lang ang kaya mong gawin. Take a leap of faith.”

Translation: …especially when you get out of Ateneo when you graduate. So that’s all, don’t be limited to thinking that’s all that you can do. – Michelle Jane Miranda, 4 AB COM; SocialMedia: FB:Michelle Miranda


“I’d tell my freshie self to be more open because [I was very awkward with my block], and now [that] I have a chance to be classmates with them, they’re pretty cool people. And I would want to advise my freshie self to be more open to them just as I have recently. [I’ll get to enjoy their company more and our friendship would have been developed earlier] if I opened up more during the first year. And continue org life, because you learn a lot from joining orgs. You meet new people in orgs. You form friendships that last really really long in organisations.” – Albert John Reyes, 2  AB IS; SocialMedia: FB:Albert John Reyes


“I’d tell myself that it isn’t as hard or as scary as I thought it was before – that you will always find people who make you feel at home, or make you feel special or happy.” – Leanne Lacaden, 2 BS MGT; Social Media: Leanne Lacaden

What about you? Do you or your friends have interesting stories to share about your freshie self?

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