HUAWEI’s Best Kept Secret: EMUI 9.0 | An Ergonomically Designed UI Inspired by Nature

They say the best interface is no interface, but that might not be the case.In Huawei’s view, the best interface is one that is simple, enjoyable and consistent. The company recently unveiled EMUI 9.0, which adopts a nature-inspired design that takes cues from naturally-occurring elements when it comes to sight, sound and touch.


Some might call the look of EMUI 9.0a breath of fresh air, as the design applies scenes of nature in everything from color selections to default caller portraits. Combining imagery of hillside reflections, ice and rocks, EMUI 9.0 delivers a truly immersive visual experience that is also easy on the eyes.

And because nature is full of ever-changing colors, EMUI 9.0 implements a Smart Color Picker technology to ensure that even if you don’t have an eye for design, colors are a pleasure to scroll through.

The AI, the calling interface, through to the lock screen and every other UI element looks aesthetically on-point. To deliver the most comfortable viewing experience, Huawei also revisited the various UI elements and re-organized them so that they exert the minimal amount of stress to the human eyes.

Lights and shadows, too, are replicated within this design, through things the clock hands casting shadows on the clock face.


Looks aren’t everything, so HUAWEI ensures users can immerse themselves in yet another layer of the natural experience with real-world sounds on EMUI 9.0.

Makingambient nature sounds like birds chirping and flowing water as ringtones and alarm alert will bring harmony to your day, and transform waking up and being reminded of meetings from jarring experiences to peaceful events.

Just like in the real world, sounds and vibrations are perfectly in sync – each change, from time setting to the camera provides authentic audio feedback.


Sight and sound are important, but touch is also key. EMUI 9.0 comes with a new mode of navigation: Gestures. Simple and intuitive,these gestures replace the traditional navigation bar without taking away any of its functionalities. You can swipe inwards from the edge of the screen to go back, swipe up from bottom to go home, or swipe up from bottom and pause to access the multitask interface. Without having the navigation bar take up space, you’ll enjoy an expanded view, too.

Also, on the topic of touch: the human brain is naturally perceptive of input lag on touch screens. When you tap on something, you expect it to have a reaction without delay. This is especially true for mobile gamers, as a millisecond delay in games could have drastic consequences. To address that, Huawei improved the touch response of devices running EMUI 9.0 via GPU Turbo 2.0. Compared to EMUI 8.1, the touch response delay in games is 36 percent lower, this means there’s less delay between action and reaction, and less confusion for your brain.

Huawei has truly developed its purest, cleanest Android experience yet with EMUI 9.0. Without squandering any features or technological advancements, the latest EMUI is the perfect example of a UI done right—it is simple, consistent and enjoyable.

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