How to Get Korean Glass Skin ASAP!

Glass skin is the latest Korean beauty trend that everybody wants right now! It refers to a poreless and luminous complexion and involves an 11-step skin care routine as popularized by a Korean makeup artist. However, not everyone is blessed with the luxury of time and money (oh, hi!) to spend for each and every product needed. I, for one, only get by with facial wash, toner, and moisturizer – just to avoid hormonal breakouts, you know. If this sounds like you, here’s the lazy girl’s guide to getting Korean glass skin ASAP!

When I first Googled what “glass skin” means, my first thought was that it looks like dewy makeup, except with bare skin. A dewy finish means that the skin looks moist instead of matte. I figured that this is achievable with makeup, but would still require a lot of time. That’s when I got curious about semi-permanent makeup. The Beauty Studio happens to offer a BB Glow treatment. I thought… semi-permanent BB cream? Why not?

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To refresh you guys a little, BB cream is a combination of skincare products like moisturizer, SPF, primer, and more with light coverage foundation. In turn, getting a BB Glow treatment means injecting BB cream ampoules into your skin through micro needling. This will give you a natural looking base that lasts for a period of time, one that also helps promote collagen production.

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BB Glow Treatment is said to smoothen out skin imperfections and leave a full but lightweight foundation. Besides the semi-permanent base, the treatment also minimizes pores. So yes, you can set aside your toner and primer for a while. The skin-colored ampoules that will be penetrated into your skin will then blend and adjust to your skin tone. At The Beauty Studio, the ampoules are plant-based so don’t panic, it’s organic! Lol.

korean glass skin

Through BB Glow, I am able to save time on my makeup routine since I can confidently skip foundation. The treatment only lasts for an hour and honestly, the needle part may hurt a bit on boney areas of the face, but it is worth it as the results last for weeks or even months (depending on your skin type). My favorite thing about it is waking up in the morning looking fresh because it boosts my mood and sets the tone for a positive day ahead!

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